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The Wilkinson Sword Mini Nail Clipper. Solid, durable nail clippers for fingernails.The toenail-clipper is very stable and very comfortable to use. The chrome coating ensures optimum corrosion protection and a long life. High quality long life hard steel with outstanding cutting with precise and effortless trimming hard and stubborn toenails. Mini size so ideal for when you are on the move. Tips & Tricks: To avoid cracking and splitting, soften toenails by soaking before trimming. Clip nails straight across with stainless steel blades to prevent ingrowning, making sure not to cut below the nail bed. Part of Wilkinson Swords’ manicure and pedicure range. Precision instruments built by Wilkinson Sword, experience of over 200 years of history of making precision technology. 1 per pack.

  • Wilkinson Sword Mini Nail Clipper
  • Accurately finished cutting edges
  • To cut nail, lift lever and twist back
  • A slight pressure on the lever presses the cutting edges together
  • Ideal for your handbag

1 x Nail clipper mini

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