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Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision Razor pack of 4 refills.
For the ultimate grooming experience
The ultimate 4 blade shave
If 007 needed a razor he could trust, this would be it! Quattro Titanium delivers an exceptional shave with ultimate precision due to its 4 ultra-sharp titanium coated blades and styling blade.
Product features:
Experience the feel of a smooth shave with Quattro Titanium’s 4 titanium coated blades and a styling blade to achieve the perfect finish – making it easier to take care of your look.
The technology:
4 titanium coated blades for a smooth shave.
Titanium coated styling blade on the back helps create precise edges around sideburns, beards and under the nose.
Lubricating strip contains Aloe Vera and Jojoba for improved razor glide and skin comfort.
Large rubber fins stretch out the skin and help raise the hair before shaving.
Colour fading lubricating strip to indicate the optimal time to change the blades.

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