1898 After 100 years of sword and gun making, Wilkinson Sword diversify into the first of many razor innovations, producing the 'Pall Mall' safety razor.
1962 The introduction of PTFE coated blades, a non-stick technology, makes shaving even safer, more comfortable and smoother.
1971 The 'Bonded System T70' is the first safety blade whereby the blade is fixed in plastic housing.
Wilkinson Sword launches 'Protector' internationally renowned for its ergonomic design.
1994 Wilkinson Sword introduces 'Lady Protector', the first safety razor to protect women from nicks and cuts.
1996 Wilkinson Sword launches twin blade 'FX' razor designed for extraordinary comfort.
2003 Wilkinson Sword introduces the new razor platform 'Quattro' the first 4 blade men's system razor.
2006 A big year for Wilkinson Sword as it launches 'Quattro for women', the first female 4 blade high performance razor and extended the men's portfolio by adding titanium coated blades with the introduction of 'Quattro Titanium'.
2008 Building on the successful 'Quattro' franchise, Wilkinson Sword introduces Quattro disposables for both men and women, as well as another world first with the 3-in-1 razor 'Quattro Titanium Precision'.
2009 Wilkinson Sword launches 'Quattro for Women Bikini', the first and only 2-in-1 women's razor with bikini trimmer.
2010 Wilkinson Sword launches the revolutionary Hydro shave care range that reduces irritation and hydrates the skin throughout each shave.
2012 Wilkinson Sword extends the Hydro mega brand with the launches of Hydro Silk and Hydro Power Select.
2015 Wilkinson Sword launches the Hydro 5 Groomer, the first 4-in-1 razor to appear on the UK market.
2016 Wilkinson Sword continues to build the Hydro product line by introducing the Hydro 5 Sensitive and the Hydro Silk Bikini.
2017 Women's systems and blades get a new outfit, revealing a fashionable black look.
2018 Wilkinson Sword launches the Hydro 5 Sense Energize and Comfort razors with an innovative built-in shock absorber.